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Books I read in March 2016

The Real Ghostbusters Omnibus Volume 2, by James Van Hise et al, 3.5/5 (B-)
This collects the remainder of the NOW Comics Real Ghostbusters title from the 1980s and 1990s. It continues the trend of the first set of issues, interesting ideas that often don't seem to be developed enough. However, there are some improvements, including multi-issue storylines and more use of both show and comic continuity. And the last few issues start to pick up in storytelling quality... just in time for things to end, of course. (As an interesting curiosity, there's also an issue that reprinted some stories from the UK Real Ghostbusters comic.)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters, by Erik Burnham and Tom Waltz, 4/5 (B+)
IDW's version of the TMNT meets IDW's version of the Ghostbusters! Better than most crossovers of this sort, with some nice moments between the two sides, some fun moments for the fans, and an enemy appropriate for both teams. No real complaints here, I was a satisfied customer.

Doctor Who: The New Adventures - Lucifer Rising, by Andy Lane and Jim Mortimore, 4/5 (B+)
One of the better New Adventures, this was a welcome shift in tone after a number of overly dark and gritty installments in the series (Transit, The Pit, and Deceit) that I tried and skipped. Lucifer Rising starts off as a murder mystery, and gets intriguingly complicated from there, with enough solid twists to keep you guessing throughout. On the character front, the supporting cast is particularly well-developed, and there are also some interesting developments with the Doctor-Ace relationship. With a few exceptions, the science is much harder than usual (such that I didn't quite get a few bits, but no harm done) - there are some particularly interesting ideas here, such as Legion.

Mind, the novel wasn't perfect. A few chapters towards the middle dragged a little, and almost felt padded. Some plotlines, such as one character's mother issues, don't quite pay off. And one plot development near the end of the book, while very interesting, seems to come out of nowhere. But overall, I enjoyed this particular Seventh Doctor story, and would definitely recommend it.
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