James Bowman (jeb1981) wrote,
James Bowman

Books I read in October, November, December 2016

Been lax on bringing these over from Goodreads. Rather than rebuild them here, I'll just catch up by posting the links...


Transformers: Robots in Disguise Volume 4 (B+)
Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye Volume 5 (A-)
Transformers: Robots in Disguise Volume 5 (B+)
Transformers: Dark Prelude (B+)
Transformers: Dark Cybertron Volume 1 (B+)
Transformers: Dark Cybertron Volume 2 (B+)
Haunted Ohio III (B+)
Haunted Rochester (B)


Haunted Houses of California (B+)


Booster Gold Volume 3: Reality Lost (B+)
Booster Gold Volume 4: Day of Death (B+)
Dungeon Crawl Classics: Sailors on the Starless Sea (B+)
Booster Gold Volume 5: The Tomorrow Memory (B+)
Time Masters: Vanishing Point (B)
Super-Villain Team-Up: Modok's 11 (B+)
Bullet Points (B+)
Defenders: Indefensible (B)
Beyond! (B+)
The New Avengers: Illuminati (B+)
Ghost Stories from the American South (B+)
DC vs. Marvel Comics (B+)
Hulk: Broken Worlds (B)
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