James Bowman (jeb1981) wrote,
James Bowman

Books I read in November 2015

Astro City: The Dark Age 2 - Brothers in Arms, by Kurt Busiek, 4.5/5 (A-)
An interesting tour of the Dark Age of comics through the lens of Astro City. The plot occasionally had to contort to make sure our protagonists were around for certain key events, but overall it's a neat read.

Fairy Tail Vol. 50, by Hiro Mashima, 4/5 (B+)
Interesting seeing a "getting the band back together" arc, as the back cover puts it, including how characters have changed since we last saw them. They kinda waste the potential of a certain character's face-heel turn, though, and it also loses a few points for some particularly annoying "fanservice" bits.

Darkwing Duck: Crisis on Infinite Darkwings, by Ian Brill, 4.5/5 (A)
Definitely the peak of the Darkwing Duck comics, this storyline has it all. Negaduck, the return of Morgana, a guest villain from DuckTales, the return of another of Darkwing's most menacing foes, and multiple fun alternate versions of Darkwing (including lots of references to past stories and pop culture). It's just tons of fun, and it's got heart to boot.

Darkwing Duck: F.O.W.L. Disposition, by Ian Brill, 4.5/5 (A-)
A neat storyline, mashing up the superspy side of the Darkwing DuckTales universe with some Cthulhu riffs. Ends a bit abruptly on a weird/downer note, but still solid overall.
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